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Ditching Wardrobe Clutter

Ditching Wardrobe Clutter was never so easy before. With good Healthy Worlds’ expert advice and tips, you can get rid of it in no time. As someone who needs to dress for TV appearances, Fashion Week, the red carpet, and even just your daily business meetings, you’ve had to update what you wear over the years then this article helps you to know how to ditching wardrobe clutter. you can tried to be “of the moment,” but remember that you look and feel most comfortable when you stick with what is truly your personal style.

Your closet overhaul twice a year. With help from a stylist and from a friend who is completely honest with you ;-) , we pare down. When we’re done, it seems like you have a whole new wardrobe! Sure, the process can be overwhelming, but these simple steps help for how to ditching wardrobe clutter.

How To Ditching Wardrobe Clutter

how to ditching wardrobe clutter image how to ditching wardrobe clutter

Sort Away

Make piles for donations (Dress for Success can always use professional attire), giveaways to friends or family, clothes to dry clean, items to tailor and a TBD  pile to sort through again when you are done. You might think you want to get rid of something but on second thought decide to keep it after you go through everything you have. Clothes too small? Consider if they will fit when you lose weight. Too big? Maybe they’re worth tailoring. Trust me: A good tailor is invaluable. Styles change and so do you, so customizing fit for your body can make even the least expensive item look like a million bucks and learn with us how to ditching wardrobe clutter on Good Healthy World.

Hang it up image Hang it up

Hang it Up

You love your new hangers, especially when they all match. Use wooden hangers, as opposed to plastic or wire ones, to preserve the shape of your clothes. Hanging clothes also makes everything easier to find.

colorfull wooden hangers image colourful wooden hangers

Organize by Style and Colour

How to ditching wardrobe clutter ? For it, grouping dresses, blazers and tops leads to faster navigation of your wardrobe. Take that to the next level and sort each style by colour, you will be able to see what you have and put outfits together in no time at all.  best tip! Mix it up and be comfortable, and you will know that your clothes are really the right ones for you.

Organize by style and colour image Organize by style and colour


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Ditching Wardrobe Clutter