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Surprising Facts About Guinness

Before we discuss facts about Guinness, we should visualize something. Whenever we think of St. Paddys Day, we think of Ireland, 5 leaf-clovers and high contrasting green color. Along with that, lots and lots of “Beer“.

Guinness is the most solid beer

World’s Famous Irish Beer

Guinness is perhaps the most famous Irish beer brand in the world. Chances are that your favourite bar or restaurant would be serving you Guinness in March. And when the seasons come, who wouldn’t want to impress their friends by inviting them over and serving them this brand.

If that is the case with you as well, then we recommend you to buy them the round and set them straight regarding the facts about Guinness.

Facts About Guinness: High in Alcohol

This is the first misconception that you should clear with your friends. Guinness is less alcoholic & less boozier than any average beer. It is because it contains 4.2% ABV as compared to average 5% ABV in other beers. Therefore, it is the best choice esp. on St. Paddy’s Day because you want to party and enjoy with awakened senses.

Facts About Guinness: High in Calories

A short description of Guinness is its creamy texture, dark colour alongside rich, caramel tinged flavour. This usually gives us the idea that it must be high in calories. But, the fact of the matter is, “No“. According to the research, 12 ounce per serving of Guinness sets you back 125 calories. It is just higher than the serving of The Bud Light year. It is because, alcohol is usually the main calorie source of the beers, but since Guinness stands at 4.2% ABV, it becomes relatively less in calories.

Facts About Guinness: High in CO2

Before we discuss further about various facts about Guinness, related to the dark colour and sweetness- let us make you one thing clear. This dark color and sweetness is a result of little amount of roasted barley used for the brewing process. Due to that, thick and creamy texture becomes apparent. But is is not because of the CO2 but a mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen.


most famous Irish beer imgage

Most Famous Irish Beer

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Surprising Facts About Guinness